Imagine a place that celebrates the sound world that leads you to travel
labyrinths that communicate acoustically with you. Imagine a garden populated by sounds that draw us attention to all other sounds, an imaginary sound environment that will stimulate your hearing and make you think about what you are hearing.
From 14 to 17 September 2017 was the second edition of the Lisboa Soa - meeting of sound art, urbanism and auditory culture, this time in the Fria Lisbon Greenhouse. The festival's roaming through different gardens of the city brings a new challenge in terms of programming and, at the same time, will lead the public to public spaces that are often forgotten and away from their daily lives.

I worked for a week with Juan Sorrentino, the artist in residence, on his project 'Motto'. We built five portable'backpack speakers' and composed graphic scores combining sounds and physical gestures. The project culminated in a performance of Motto on Saturday 16th September, interacting with the different types of natural terrain. For my part of the performance I concentrated on exploring the sonic properties of the water features within the garden with my hydrophone.