'What was the first sound heard? It was the caress of the waters. The roads of all man lead to water. It is the sound which above all others gives us the most delight in it's myriad transformations' -R.Murray Schafer 1977

The sea is one of the most powerful natural sources responsible for the shape of our environment.

The relentless waves indiscriminately carve and polish smooth everything they encounter slowly sculpting them into ever evolving works of art.

The image begins as a pool of ink and paint in strict concentric circles mimicking the fleeting pattern left on the surface of water as an object or drop of rain falls in, disturbing the smooth skin.

The liquid puddle is placed within a speaker cone and the sound of ocean waves is passed through it, the vibrations of the sound warp the pool, the textures and colours are rearranged and become a visual record of the noise of the ocean.

As the pattern shifts and warps under the influence of the sea new imitations of nature spring forth, the pattern seems to evolve into tree rings then as the complexity deepens further in to contour lines mapping new imaginary mountains and peaks.

Each puddle was left to be affected by the sound of the ocean waves for four hours and the resulting film was then sped up to reveal the throbbing and swirling movements created. Once dry the pools were taken back to a natural water environment and the finished pieces documented with a series of photographs. 
This work has been displayed as an interactive installation at Olho De Boi, Lisbon.  The puddles are projected onto a pool of white water surrounded by a soundscape of breath, naturally imitating the rhythm of ocean waves. The viewer is invited to throw a pebble into the pool, contorting the image and amplification via a hydrophone ensures the viewer adds their own unique moment of sonancy to the soundscape. 

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