My work branches out from where scientific processes and art crossover, seeing anatomical patterns and microscopic environments in the unnoticed cracks and corners that surround us.
I build images in layers of information blurring these worlds back together instinctively. From these visuals I transpose melody lines and translate these structures in to soundscapes using manipulated field recordings and my own voice.

My creative process is both obsessively analytical and bound by subconscious impulse, I draw a deep catharsis from allowing this juxtaposition within my work. This multi-faceted unfolding of my ideas leads to immersive performances and interactive instillations. 

For the past few years my work has been focussed on community engagement projects in various galleries and arts venues in North West England with an organisation started by me and fellow artist Kate Royle, called Sonic-Bloom. We develop and deliver tailor made sonic and visual arts engagement experiences using interactive technology encouraging creative thinking and ideas-led learning.

I am currently in Lisbon for a 3 month residency at Roundabout LX, focussing on the sonic properties of huge indoor reservoirs and underground aqueducts. I hope to conclude this project with an interactive sculptural instillation and performance piece.

Visit my blog for updates on the progression of my residency project.  

                                                            -Arts Award Advisor (Bronze, Silver and Gold)-
                                                                                        -Full DBS Check-
                                                                               -Trained In Safeguarding-
                                                                 - Trained In Health and Safety Practices-