Mother Of Water

An algid mausoleum, housing her lividity
a respite for your searing skin.
Snap the pooling blood left over
take it with you, and show the suffering bored what you have seen
to prove where you have been.

The sharp skin of the city peels away
I descend down into her veins.
The beast who brought the lifeblood has curled up and laid to rest
preserved as a curiosity beneath.
Come peer at the sinews
stampede through her dried up arteries.


The melody lines were transposed and interpreted from photographs of skull suture lines from the Geological Museum in Lisbon.

The other sounds were recorded underwater and within Mae d'Agua in Lisbon.

Graphic score of the composition - mixed media

Reference key for the composition

Example of the process of transposing the suture lines into melodies.